Hi everyone!

I’m Laia Lanaquera, a kitesurfer instructor from Xeraco (Spain) who loves all kind of water sports. I am kiting and working as kitesurfing instructor around the world with my boyfriend Ramón. We decided to quit our jobs in 2016 and start this adventure.

I would like to help you to answer all your questions about your next kitesurfing spot destination. I have decided to write this blog about the different kitesurfing spots where I have been working and kiting. As a instructor I have a lot of doubts before chosing the right spot and school to work for. Sometimes the opinion of the boss of the kiteschool manager that hires us is not enought.

I have found some idyllic places to work that I would love to share with you. But also I have chosen so many wrong spots, seasons and kitesurfing schools….. So I think I can help you to choose better than I’ve done.

See you on the water!

Laia Lanaquera

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