• Before starting working make clear how much comission you are getting when you sell any kite gear to the guests.

• In your free time take pictures  and videos of the kitesurfers. Students love to have pic of their 1st rides.

• Ask around for different accommodation and ask for comission if you bring guest.

• Write a kitesurfing blog, sell kite trips.

• Sell your IKO cards to your students if the school that you work for isn’t a IKO school.

• Check with your boss if you can freelance in others school when there is not enought students where you work.

• Learn how to do bracalets with kite lines and sell them.


• Teach lenguages.

• Chat with some water sport managers (find them throught Linkedin for example) and start selling stock. From example I sell  polarized sunglasses, legging for kiting, leashes for glasses…..