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Favourite Kite presents🗺

Here you have a list of amazing kite presents👙☄🏄🏿‍♀️🏄‍♂️🗺 If you want to get great discounts use the promo code LAIKITESPOTS☄☄☄ Ponchos and bikinis from   Bikinis and leggings made from recycled plastic bottles PROMO  CODE: LAIKITESPOTS Kite and... Continue Reading →

Unique kitesurfing trips

Looking for a unique kite experience? No need to search any longer... Viajes Kitesurf  Mucho viento viajes Bstoked

Kiting and working in Sri Lanka

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Windy most of the days, astonising landscapes, warm water and amazing local people make of Sri Lanka an incredible kitesurfing destination.   KITE SPOTS Kalpitiya lagoon Huge lagoon for kiting. Plenty of kitesurfing school huts with shade. There... Continue Reading →

Kiting and working in Koh Phangan GENERAL DESCRIPTION The full moon party island of Koh Phangan has 7 kitesurfing schools!!!! So it's a perfect combination: kite, party and amazing beaches and forest. Remember that Thailand isn't known as a kitesurfing destination, the wind is ligh,... Continue Reading →

Kiting and working at Langebaan

Awe!!!! GENERAL DESCRIPTION Langebaan is 1h drive from Cape Town. Big lagoon to kite and teach. Flat water and strong wind blowing all day long. Langebaan is a small village with great kitesurfing and sailing atmosphere though. KITE SPOTS Main... Continue Reading →

Free kitesurfing lessons!!!

  Kitesurfing can be an expensive sport to start out with. But it is a really good idea to get lessons so that you learn the correct techniques, are aware of safety issues and most importantly so you can make... Continue Reading →

Kiting and working at Slickrock – Private island

  GENERAL DESCRIPTION This island is located at Glover's Reef in Belize. It’s one of the most beautiful places that I have been in my life! Slickrock Adventures runs an amazing eco resort on a private island at this atoll, located... Continue Reading →

Kite school managers

Kitesurfing instructors happy--> students happy --> good reviews--> more money for your kitesurfing school. So.... Let's give some tips to our kitesurf manager before we work together: What would be helpful to send by e-mail to your kitesurfing instructors when... Continue Reading →

Kiting and working at Pak Nam Pran

GENERAL INFORMATION Nice and quiet beach comparing with the bussy neightbour Hua Hin. I rather come here for kiting than Hua Hin where the beach is crowded. I would chose this destination if your are looking for a quiet place... Continue Reading →

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