If you love kiting, meeting interesting people, lerning lenguages and travel around the most beautiful beaches around the world that’s the perfect job!!

Teaching kitesurf in Poland (Ola Grek)

How to become a Kiting Instructor with one of the recognised organisations is a challenging and rewarding task. There are a few routes to take in order to gain all of the qualifications needed, and the one you take depends on several factors like time, personal preference, and to some extent, weather conditions and this article will look at the direct route to becoming a kitesurfing instructor.

Pre requisites:

● Minimum 18 years old.

● Kite upwind, do small jumps and simples grabs.


● Take kitesurfing lessons and learn how to do transitions and kite properly upwind. (Check free kitesurfing lessons and students progression)

● Learn how to do small jumps and simples grabs.

● This is my advice: Keep on kiting and training. If you have the chance of shadow any instructor at the kiteschool that you have done the course go for it.

Once you are a competent rider you can do your ITC’s (Instructor Training Course) at any of this organizations:



● The VDWS courses take place in Holand, Denmark, Germany, Sri Lanka, Spain and Italy.

You can check here when is the next VDWS course.

● VDWS instructor training course (ITC’s)

● Majority

● Safe handling of kitesurfing equipment until 6 bft., remaining windward, jibes on beginner-suited equipment (directional), basic air moves

● Prerequisites for the acquisition of the license Surf, Kite, Cat and Sail are:
Proof of being able to run a motorboat (no motorboat licence)
● First-aid certificate (9 periods)
● Swimming certificate (German DLRG-Bronze or equivalent) or VDWS rescue.

● Price: 700€

● Course: 8 days




● IKO  instructor training course (ITC’s)   (5 days).

● 5 days

● Prices:

First aid: 80€ (1 day)

Assistent kitesurfing instructor: 450€ (5 days)

ITC: 800€ (3 days classes + 3-4 days of practice)

Total: 80€+450€+800€= 1330€

Pre requisits:

● Have been kiting for at least 1 year. I strongly reccomend to be confident rider before signing up at you ITC’s course.

● Have the IKO kitesurfing assistant instructor certificate (5 days).

● Have the medic first aid (1 day) course.

If you haven’t got any of them you can join any of the ITC 6 days before the course starts (5 days for the assistant course and 1 for the medical first aid).


● BKSA instructor training course (ITC’s)

● 5 days course.

● Price: 550€

Pre requisits:

  • Valid British Kitesports membership
  • Shadow teaching x 12 hours
  • Riding competency verified by a British Kitesports instructor
  • RYA Powerboat L2
  • Valid first aid certificate

I will definetly chose BKSA if you want to work in UK, the course is more complete than IKO.



● BPJEPS instructor training course (ITC’s).

● 1400h (840 h formation + 600h practice), from February to November.

● Price: 8400€

If you are planning to work in French Polynesia, Madagascar or France you will need this certification.

BLOSO (Belgium)

●  BLOSO  instructor certification.

● If you are planning to work in Belgium this certification is enought.

● Price: 170 €

● Usually the course take place in September and Easter Holidays.


When you get your ITC’s certification check the jobs offers and good luck with your kitesurfing instructor interviews!!!

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