The full moon party island of Koh Phangan has 7 kitesurfing schools!!!! So it’s a perfect combination: kite, party and amazing beaches and forest. Remember that Thailand isn’t known as a kitesurfing destination, the wind is ligh, you will teach with kites of 12m – 18m. For me it has been the first time with this ligh conditions and trust me…. 18 m kites relaunch!!! The best area for kiting is Baan Tai beach.

Windguru is not reliable at all so it’s difficult to plan your kiting lessons. Bring your biggest kites, foil and biggest board.



Safety on water:

It’s a easy spot for teaching, light winds, flat water, waist deep and with big sandy areas.

Baan Tai beach is protected by a reef so your teaching area will end when the reef starts. Be careful landing and launching the kite with the palm trees.  You need water shoes for teaching.

Safty on land:

The island is totally safe, but just be careful with the motorbikes.


Beginners: perfect spot for learning, but I would not chose this kitesurfing destination if your main goal of the holidays is learning kitesurfing. Make sure that your instructor is certified.

Intermediated: perfect spot to improve your level, do not go far of the reef, there is not rescue boat so be smart and kite on the sandy area where you have waist deep water. I will chose the school less bussy to have plenty of room for kiting.

Advanced: good spot to practice unhooked tricks with big kites or foils. The best area for kiting you will find it in front of Kitesurf Asia or Breeze kitesurfing.


December-January: side on shore wind, 13-15 knots, N-NE.

Around February wind changes direction, S-SE. This period of changing direction last for couples of weeks.

February-April: side on shore wind, 14-17 knots,wind 3 days/week, S-SE. Rare times the wind will blow NE and you will go teaching to Haad Rin beach.

May and June no wind.

July-September: 15 knots, SE, low water.

October and November rainy season.

Windguru Koh Phangan.


You don’t need wetsuit, just needed a rash vest to protect you from the sun.

You will need water shoes for working.


Flat water around the island.


4 tides per day. In March water starts getting lower until June, where there is almost no water in the teaching area.


Rare times you can find sea urchines or jellyfishes on your teaching area


If you have your own equipment you don’t have to pay to kite anywhere on the island. 


Click here and enjoy it!!


Parties and bars at Koh Phangan.


That’s a perfect kitesurfing destination to go with people that don’t practice kitesurf. There are plenty of activities and amazing beaches and forest to explore.


Books to read in Thailand.


Every kitesurfing in the island has the same rates for the lessons. Remember that Thailand isn’t know as a  kiting destination so bring your biggest kites.

  • Accrokite: I’ve worked here winter 2017. Good spot for teaching begginers. North gear, SUP and kayak. IKO instructors only. Nice French owner that opened the school in 2016, so every year this kitesurfing school will get better. You are expected to be on the beach sometimes to give information to customers, so you should negociate a fix salary before accepting the job offer. You get 35% comission of what is charged to the students, so it’s better to do not discounts. When I worked at Accrokite we were 5 instructors and not enough students for everyone when it was windy (10 days/month).
  •  Breeze kitebording: one of the best spots in the island to pactice kiteboarding. They have also SUP, windsurfing and kayaks.
  • Kitesurf Asia: For me one of the best spot for kitesurfing in Koh Phangan. Big sandy area for teaching  and kiting. They pay 30% comissions.
  • KBA : Good location and good spot. They have a shop. Cabrinha gear.
  • Kiteflip: Good spot fot kiting and working.


It is a safty spot for teaching so if it’s windy I would recomend you to start the class as soon as you can because the wind doesn’t last longer. I think Koh Phangan is a good spot for a inexperienced kitesurfing instructors to gain valuable experience. And if you like to party this is definetly your place. It’s a paradaise with no much wind so you have to be open to earn little money. You can find cheap accomodation (house for 6000 bth/monts and motorbike for 3000 bth/month). Contact Peeree and she will arrange everything. I made 400€/month in winter time, and it’s supposed to be the best season. The owners of the schools are too optimistic about the expectation of the wind.