Langebaan is 1h drive from Cape Town. Big lagoon to kite and teach. Flat water and strong wind blowing all day long. Langebaan is a small village with great kitesurfing and sailing atmosphere though.


Main Beach: most famous and bussy. Side shore, S-SE. Walking distance from town. Wide, sandy and long beach to land and launch your kite.

Main Beach- kitesurfing Langebaan

Shark Bay: if the wind is strong you can kite in this spectacular bay. Waist deep water, on-shore wind. If the tide is down you will have no problems to set up the kite, but when the tide is high the beach is really narrow and full of bushes so be careful landing and launching the kite. It’s 4 km frome Main beach so you will need a car to get there.

Shark Bay





Safty on water:

There is a competent safety boat at Main Beach. Thanks Wiliam and Pierre!! If you are kiting with no instructor assistance and they rescue you or your board you will have to pay 350R.

You have to pay attention on the sand bags at at Main Beach when the tide is going out.


Begginers: good wind condition, bussy place for learning. Main Beach has deep water. If the wind is too strong at Main Beach you’ll have the lessons at Shark Bay with waist deep water. Maybe the best spot to learn in South Africa. Private lessons are forbidden at Main Beach, so if a friend of you is going to teach you, go to Shark Bay.

Intermediated: very good spot to improve your upwind riding skill, but remember that the tides at the lagoon are strong. You should kite far from the shore because it’s full of students. Don’t go kiting when the rescue boat is out from the water.

Advanced: amazing spot to kite if you like strong winds. In the middle of the lagoon there is a small island full of birds and seals. The best spot to improve your tricks is the little bay in front of the island with absolutely flat water. You also would lovecto practice tricks at Shark Bay.

Take a picture of your board and write on it your name and cell phone number. If you lose it, let the rescue boat people know. If they can’t locate it, visit de kitesurf schools and show them the picture. They have a whatsapp group. You can post your lost board picture on facebook “Second hand gear Cape Town”.

Get up early in the morning and go to the beach beyond Mykonos Resort and you may find it. In fact, I found two boards!


October to April: 17 – 25 knots, S – SE

High season: December – January.

There is a downwinder event on the first week of January with more than 300 kiters and windsurfers.


16°C water temperature all the season so 5:4 mm wetsuit is recommended. Water shoes no needed. Wind stopper and buff are recommended to teach.

And as Casey said in the review of this post; if you have 2 wetsuits bring them.

When the tide goes out the water is warmer because of the sun effect. On the other hand, you will have the Atlantic cold water when the tide is coming in.


Not at Main Beach neither at Shark Bay. You can find waves in front of Mikonos Resort and at Cape Sport Center. If you like surfing there are some spots close to Langebaan.


Be aware of the strength of the tides. When it is coming in it is very easy to ride upwind and recover your board. On the other hand, it is easy to lose the board when the tide is going out.


Sandy beach with few shells so you can walk barefoot inside and outside the water.

There is some jellyfishes but they don’t sting.

You’ll see a lot of seals while you are kiting. They are totally harmless so enjoy kiting with them!


You can kite at Shark Bay and Main Beach for free. If you don’t know to kite upwind you better introduced yourself to thecrescuecboat team and let them know which is your kite so they will be able to keep an eye on you.


Walking on the beach is amazing and Bree street has nice of bars and shops. There are several kitesurf schools that also rent SUP’s, hobbie cats and kayaks. If you are keen on fishing this is a very good spot. You can also visit West Coast National Park.


There is a lot of bars and pubs in Bree street open until 1:30 am. Most of them have from 6 to 7pm happy hour.

Thursday: BBQ night at Sand Bar (R60).

Sunday: Kolmer Karma night  party.


Highly recommended. A lot of things to do!


Long way to freedom. Nelson Mandela.


The salary here is really low comparing with others kitesurfing schools around the world. It’s a pity that the kitesurfing schools compite with the prices of the lessons, insted of puting the prices down they should rise them.

Most of the schools do not get comissions when your students buy equipment.

  • Cape Sports Center: located far North from the beach beyond the sand bags. Big shop. Team of 4-5 easy going instructors. The only school that doesn’t use trainer kites, they teach as IKO standars rules : short lines. It is the best paying school of all, 40% of the lesson price if you are L1 instructor and 50% if you are L2. Very nice school with best atmosphere of Langebaan, located in front of a big green area and next to Kalmer Karma bar, where you have live music or parties on Sundays. They also offer windsurf lessons, SUP and kayak. Very nice people with best vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Is the only kitesurfing school where you can get your IKO courses.
  • Constantly kiting: the school is far from Main Beach so they go to the beach by van. You will have everyday 5h lessons, with lunch time included. You will eat on the beach. Good atmosphere boss-instructors. They pay  R250/h. They use Airush equipment. They have shop and accomodation.
  • Kitelab: I worked here in 2017. The best located school in Langebaan and best organized. They let you know your schedule the previous day and sometimes even before. You work 6-8h/day .The instructors have their own equipment (3 kites, bar, leash…) and they update all the equipment several time during the season so the students always have new equipment. Every day you must go at 8:30am to have all the equipment ready and at the end of the day you have to put everything back in the storage room. So it would be good to live nearby. They have a big shop and the staff that works on it is just awesome!!! The instructors have their own private area wich is great. I was very happy working there and the team was amazing. They use radios for teaching and Cabrinha equipment. You get payed 200R/h. I made 1700€/month.
  • Siren: located in front of Main Beach. They pay R230/h. They have just open another school in Zanzibar.
  • WindChasers: I worked here in 2016-2017 for 1 month. Nice kite school and guest house. They also have a shop. Totally reccommended if you are looking for kiting lessons and cheap accomodation. 6 instructors and not enought students for all of us. From 2 to 4 working hours per day most of the instructors. Teaching session is 2h. The school is not walking distance from the teaching area so the driver will take you to the beach (2min by car). After this 2h session you come back to school to rinse the equipment and wait for the next student. The boss is on the beach keeping an eye on the classes. You will know your schedule the same day in the morning and you are expected to be on call for the “walk ins” so it’s hard to plan your day. Working with radios. Nobile equipment. The owner will arrange the accommodation for you which is really helpful for a place as Langebaan where finding accommodation is dificult. You will have to pay around 300 €/room /monthly. My boyfriend worked there as a driver in  exange of a salary and kiting lessons and he was happy working there. They pay 220R/hour. I made 900€/month.
  • Windtown: great location. It has a nice restaurant and resort. Bar offers discounts for instructors. You can work around 7h/day so it’s a good option for earning good money. Good working atmosphere. North gear equipment. 


Langebaan is a good spot to work and kite. Good atmosphere with the other instructors on the beach and outside of the water. Nice night life. It isn’t the spot to safe a lot of money, just to have a nice experience. You can go walking to the beach pretty much from all the schools. I would not chose this spot for my first teaching experience because of water conditions (tides and deep water). But if you are experienced instructor I would recommend you to check this spot.

There is no days off during high season so I recommend you to talk about this during your interview. You are supposed to get commissions if you sell equipment but is a point you have to get clear on advanced. Look at this tips for your skype interview.

The kite schools usually don’t pay for food or accommodation. You get paid per hours. You can find accommodation for 300€/month. You usually work 4-5h per day so you can earn 1000€/month. Most of the students come from South Africa and Europe so don’t expect tips.

You should join this facebook group to find accomadion, motorbikes or wherever you need: Langebaan News and Info.

Remember that when you arrive in South Africa from Europe or from the States you get 3 months visa. You can extend it for 3 more months paying 100€ and doing some paperwork in Cape Town and maybe you will get it. Be awere that you have to go 2 times to C.Town to do the paper work, so maybe it’s better have some days off and buy a cheap flight ticket and go to another country (no border contry) and come back, so like this you have 3 more month.  I applied for the extension and I only got 21 extra days. For further information:

Have a lekker day!!