Kitesurfing can be an expensive sport to start out with. But it is a really good idea to get lessons so that you learn the correct techniques, are aware of safety issues and most importantly so you can make progress with your kitesurfing quickly.

There are some kitesurfing schools that also train kitesurfing instructors. As part of this programme, the trainee instructors need to teach students under the supervision of a senior qualified instructor. If you contact a kite school that does instructor courses often they will offer free lessons in exchange for you volunteering as a kitesurfing student for the trainee instructors. This can be a really good way to access the sport if the initial investment cost is an issue for you.

The best way to find out about schools that offer this arrangement is to search online for kitesurfing instructor courses then contact the schools directly to offer to be a volunteer student.


Enjoy your free lessons!