This island is located at Glover’s Reef in Belize. It’s one of the most beautiful places that I have been in my life! Slickrock Adventures runs an amazing eco resort on a private island at this atoll, located 35 miles offshore from the coast. If you enjoy multiple water sports as SUP, diving, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, in addition to kiteboarding of course…. this is your place!

Long Caye is a private island on which Slickrock’s resort can accommodate up to 24 guests per week. Usually the customers are from America. They offer all inclusive activities packages (but the diving and kiteboarding lessons are extra), so as a kiteboard instructor you will be in charge of running the entire kite program, including running lessons, recordkeeping, and promotion. The island has a little bit more than 1 km long and mainland is a 3 hr. boatride away.

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Safety on water:

Everyone should wear water shoes to teach. You will be based from a motorized raft and conduct lessons out on an amazing sandflat (shallow water) 3 k’s in length. While giving lessons, you will be responsible for safety and the raft, so be sure that you secure the anchor properly! And do not forget to charge the batteries of your radio every day, and remember to fill the tank of the dinghy.

Safety on land:

You just have to be careful with the coconuts falling from the palm trees when it’s windy.


Begginers: amazing spot, you will be the only one the water with the instructor. Best time to learn kitesurfing is from Dec. to March.

Intermediates: it isn’t a place to practice kitesurf from the island if you don’t know how to go properly up wind because it is easy to get blown downwind of the island. If you want to go to the kite teaching spot you would have to go with the instructor by boat (5 min ride).

Advanced: beautiful scenario for kiting, but be careful landing and launching the kite from the beach. There are many shallow coral patches out on the water and trees on the beach make landing a little tricky, but not impossible. The best is to ride from the island to the kitesurf teaching spot.


Teaching spot

Kiting in front of the island


December – March: trade winds blowing from NE, 15-22 knots.

March – June: NE, 12-14 knots.

Slickrock closes the rest of the year due weather conditions.


The water temperature is 28 °C, but with the wind it can be a little cool at times.

November to February: a 3/2 shorty and long wetsuit for teaching.

February to April: just a shorty or lycra.


The teaching area is flat water. But in front of the island there is also a nice surf break, so you have to be a good rider to be able to go there.  Those waves are great for SUP and kayak surfing.


The tides are small (.25 m is average) but for teaching I prefer low tide, because I am short .


You are going to be teaching behind a reef so even if it is a sandy area I will recommend you to wear water shoes. There are many sharp shells buried in the sand that are hard to see.


If you book a holiday at this amazing island and you already know how to kite you do not have to pay any additional fee for kitesurfing (but you need to bring your own kites, boards provided), but please tell someone on the staff to keep an eye on you. Rescues are available with the skiff or raft.


Don’t worry!! There are plenty of things to do at Slickrock! The staff on the island will conduct a variety of different activities during the day like snorkeling, SUP trips to go to the Research Station at the next island, learning to windsurf, kayaking surfing, snorkeling, or playing volleyball on the beach. If you enjoy scuba diving you can also do it here.

If you love fishing remember to bring your fishing rod.



If you are looking for the party life this is not your place, but if you are seeking a relaxing atmosphere on a remote and beautiful tropical island, then this is it! On the island beer is provided as part of the package but if you want another type of alcohol you should bring your own.


This remote place with no wifi reception but you will enjoy a magical experience and meet other many new friends every week. This is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities with your family!


Gosth Ship, Brian Hicks. On the island you can find a lot of books in Slickrock’s library.


For me Slickrock was such an amazing experience, in being able to work in this remote eco island surrounded by palm trees and Caribbean sea.

The staff that works there is just amazing, I miss them!!

You are going to be the only kitesurfing instructor on the island, so you will have to take care of all the kite gear and the storage room. Experienced kiters will also have to tell you if they go kiting alone in order to keep an eye on them.

The clients can have a kitesurfing discovery class for free with a trainer kite from a sandbar close to the island. If they decide to continue with the lessons you will go to the teaching area with Slickrock’s motorized raft that you have to drive. First you will set up the kite on the island, and then you will wrap it up and go with your student by boat to the sandflats, then pump the kite on the raft and launch it to conduct the lesson. The water is shallow for the most part and you can walk around with your student, then follow him with the raft for the downwind practice.

Slickrock pays $2000/month fixed salary + tips, accommodations (your own cabin), drinks (even beer) and  food as part of the instructor package.

You get paid the same no matter how many kitesurfing lessons you do. But you will not teach more than 6h/day. Every day all the staff is on duty for cleaning toilets, emptying trash, raking the grounds, and washing dishes (there is a staff schedule for the daily chores required). You are also expected to join the customers during the meals so you will meet really interesting people. If you do not have any students you also have to help rake the sea weed from the beach, as well as helping to keep the island clean or helping the other staff with the activities.

You can scuba dive for free, learn windsurf, or join some of Slickrock’s inland adventures if you have time off.

So far working for Slickrock has been one of my best experience in my life!