Kitesurfing instructors happy–> students happy –> good reviews–> more money for your kitesurfing school.

So…. Let’s give some tips to our kitesurf manager before we work together:

What would be helpful to send by e-mail to your kitesurfing instructors when they apply for the job:

  • It would be really helpful if you have information for the instructors in a PDF, like kitesurfing area, timetable, prices, instructor duties, salary, comissions on sells, days off, if you provide IKO cards….
  • If you could give as a working visa or insurence it would be great, but if it is not possible maybe you could arrange a contract like if we were students making some kitesurfing teaching practices under the supervision of any other instructor that has got a working permit (a lot of diving centers do it and it works)
  • Any advices about the visa in your country would be great, fees extension…
  • Be as precise as possible about working schedules before I start working for you: do I have to be at the school/beach or on hold all day long waiting for walk ins?  Please do not have us waiting for our students long time at the beach. 
  • If you do any discount to a student, do we get paid less? This is something that I have already seen in couple of schools… so If you have a bussiness as my parents do… (they work in construction selling windows)… and my parent wants to do a discount to a friend of him, do you think he pays less to the workers??? NO WAY. If you want to do a discount do it but pay me the same.
  • Please be honest about wind condition and salary expectation. If you tell us that we are an exact amont of instructors please do not hire more people that you need.

Working with you :

  • Please show me the spot, the kite gear that we use for teaching, how the radios work….
  • Give me the option of shadowing  another instructor.
  • Tell me what I am doing wrong but please help me to improve it, also tell me sometimes : Good job!!
  • If you tell us that we get comissions when our students buy gear please be fair.
  • If you say at your web site that you are a IKO school registered and then we have to use our own credit (2$ every card) it would be nice if you pay us  those cards.
  • Thanks for trying to be fair with all the instructors and have them working the same amount of hours. If we are backups we know that we will be in the list after all  instructors have students.
  • If I am doing something wrong or not the way you like, please wait until my student can’t hear you.
  • Ask your instructors what are their expectations, maybe some kitesurfing instructors want to make a lot of money and maybe others prefer to have more free time.
  • Let us know in advance if it’s possible when we have the day off.
  • Try to tell us the timetable the day before like this we also can plan my day.
  • Thanks for doing a meeting with the kitesurfing instructors at the beggining of the season to explain how you want your bussines to be run. Have one of us as a head instructors.
  • Thanks a lot for buying beers once in a while and spend time with us, we really apreciate it.