Hi kitesurfing instructors!

Be ready for your skype interview with this helpful tips.

Before your skype interview have a look at their web site, look for:

  • The gear that they use and find pros of it to say it in your interview.
  • The prices.
  • The wind season.
  • Have a look at the picture gallery.
  • Look what other sports the offer and see if you could teach some of them like SUP.

Have this information written in front of you:

  • Schools that you have worked for, year and name of the owner.
  • Look for the exact date, the teacher and the name of the school where you did your IKO.

Here you have the questions that I have been asked in my skype interviews:

  • When and where did you start kiting?
  • Are you a certified instructor? When and where you get your certification?
  • Experience teaching kiting.
  • Are you good with kids?
  • How many languages do you speak?
  • Which other sports do you practice?
  • Do you have driving licence?
  • Do you have boat licence?
  • Have you tought from dinghys/jetskys?
  • When could you come? And until when could you stay?
  • Do you have experience teaching with 2 kites on the air?
  • Can you register students with your IKO cards?

Here you have some of the questions that I always ask by e-mail (like this I can always check it):

  • Does the kiteschool insurance cover me while I am teaching?
  • Are we signing a  legal contract?
  • Are you helping me to get a working visa?
  • Is accomodation and board included?
  • Do I get fix salary?
  • Do I get paid per hour or comissions?
  • When do I get paid?
  • How many instructors are on the team?
  • With how many kites at the the same time I am teaching? ( some schools have 2 kites on the air with just 1 instructor wich is not safe at all)
  • Wich is the avarage of working hours per day?
  • Do I have to be waiting at the kitesurfing spot or I go just when I have lessons?
  • Do you have a kite shop?
  • If my students buy gear from the shop do I get comission for it? (this one is really important because your student will buy gear because he is hook to kitesurfing because of you, and some schools they will sell the gear to your student without leting you know… like this they do not give you the comission)
  • Do I have days off?
  • Do I know my schedule the day before?
  • Do you provide me uniform (if they give you t-shits from the kiteschool is great for having more room in your luggage)
  • Can I use the gear from the school for kiting in my free time?
  • If a friend come to visit can they stay at the accomodation?. (If it is provided)
  • Would you help me to pay the flight tickets? (Yes, some schools pay flight tickets☺)
  • If I buy gear from the school, do I get discounts?

Some question would like to obvios for some of you but I like to ask all of this because I found some schools where you have to be waiting on the beach all day long with no students and not beeing paid for this hours, some will tell you that you will be making an amount of money and you do not make even half of it, some kiteschools will ask you to pay in advanced for the radios on the helmets just in case you break them, schools that made you pay the radio helmets because they do not work after you season, others keep part of you comission to keep you working until the end of the season and they do not give you this comissions (because they have had so many instructors that want to leave at the middle of the season… maybe there is a reason…)

Not all of this has happened to me, thanks god!! but I have seen it on my kiteinstructors friend and in some interviews that I have done (and for sure I have not taken those job offers…).

I also have been in  amazing schools where they give you medical insurence and legal contract, you can use all new gear from the school, they give you extra comission for you great job, nice Christmas presents, payed you the flight tickets…. by the way .. thanks Cully..